Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: Exhibition Of Royal Diamonds On Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Exhibition Of Royal Diamonds On Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Exhibition Of Royal Diamonds On Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

This is the best time one can think of a display of the royal diamonds of the Great Britain when it is the diamond jubilee of the queen’s diamond herself. All the finest diamonds from the collection of the queen will be displayed in the exhibition at Buckingham Palace. The jewels to which the queen refers to as “my best diamonds” will be seen in the exhibition.

But one thing is sure of concern especially for the Indians, it is that in the publicity of this display we see the great Indian diamond Koh-I-Noor mentioned nowhere. It is the famous diamond that came out of India.

During David Cameron’s visit to India he was asked if the royal diamond could ever come back to India and the embarrassed Prime Minister politely said a “no”. He also stated that if Koh-I-Noor went out of the British museum, the museum would be empty.

The subjects of the queen have been told, “was seized by the British after the Sikh kingdom of the Punjab was conquered in 1849. The defeated 12-year-old ruler, Maharajah Duleep Singh, was forced to present the diamond to Queen Victoria. It was displayed at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, but proved a disappointment due to its awkward shape. As a result, the gem was cut from 186 down to 105 carats on the orders of Prince Albert and became part of the Crown Jewels. It was part of the crown worn by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, at George VI’s coronation.”

The diamond does not come out often and was briefly out during the queen mother’s funeral in April 2002.

Since the time the queen has been crowned Elizabeth II she has made collection of diamonds in which some of them are through her inheritance.

The visitors will also get to see the earrings and necklace that was worn by the queen at her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey in 1953. The famous Granny’s tiara will also be seen in the display. There will also be the monarch’s Williamson brooch which features a rare pink diamond.

The viewers are going to enjoy this exhibition as they will witness some of the finest diamonds in the world which come out once in ages.

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