Diwali special gifts to surprise your loved ones!

The environment is colored in the complete festive mood. Market is captured in the rush of the people for shopping, evenings are luminous almost everywhere, happiness is spreading in every street and on every road, the smell of crackers can be felt in the blowing air and all this means that finally the much awaited, the ‘festival of lights’ is right here to come with loads of anxiety and pleasure.

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated all over the country. It is a five day festival and each day carries its own importance. The word ‘Diwali’ has been derived from Sanskrit word ‘Deepawali’ which means ‘row of lights’. This grand celebration of this enchanting festival enfolds a history in itself.

Diwali Festival marks the enthronement of Lord Ram as the King of Ayodhya on his return to the kingdom with wife Sita and brother Laxman after 14 long years of exile and slaying of Ravana – the demon King of Lanka. On this, the people celebrated their return with utmost joy and charm and since then the whole country celebrates Diwali as festival of lights. It falls in the Hindu month of Kartik which generally comes in October or November.

People light up diyas, candles, and colorful electric bulbs, people are dressed in new clothes; they hug each other to deliver the wishes and light up their houses to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi ji along with Ganesh ji & Riddhi Siddhi. Loads of sweets are also prepared. This all is so exciting!! But the fun remains incomplete till the exchange of gifts that one gives to other with love. Oh! Yes, now the question comes to confuse one and all that is, what to gift??

It happens that when we got to purchase gifts for our loved ones, we get confused and keep thinking in our mind if one would like it or not!! So, best way to choose gifts is, think of something general which everyone loves. Still thinking, are you?? Right… then let’s see what can pull us out of this confusing state. Here comes a list of those gifts which are sure to be loved by one and all:

Diwali Sweets



Gifting sweets on Diwali whether from a sweet shop or something that is made by you will add more sweetness to your relation. You can easily make it more exciting by attractive packaging or by making the right choice for the person.

Diwali Special Jewellery



Jewellery is one of the best gifts to bestow your loved ones. Jewellery is something that is loved by everyone. There is hardly anyone who would say a no to jewellery, so without thinking much you can shop for stylish, trendy, fashionable, classic and festive jewellery keeping in mind the choice of the wearer. The right destination for the jewellery comprising of all these characteristics is Johareez.com, where you can purchase the diwali special jewellery accessories in latest designs & trend. You need not to rush to market as you can purchase the jewellery within the walls of your room itself. Johareez.com is an online jewellery store which is just like a hub of all kinds of jewellery that one wish to purchase, wear or gift someone like: sterling silver jewellery, gemstone jewellery, gold plated jewellery, fashion jewellery and much-much more.

Ganesh ji-Lakshmi ji Gifts



Let your emotions and pure feelings be wrapped in the feeling of divinity! You can visit any gift shop and purchase the beauteous Ganesh Ji-Lakshmi ji gifts which will not only decorate the home of the receiver but will also shower their blessings on them forever.
Stylish Candles & Diyas
There are numerous stylish candles and diyas available in the market made of different materials like silver, brass, white metal etc. which are not only beautiful but make a perfect gift to be given to someone.

Rangoli Colors



This is also one of the best gifts to bestow someone whom you love a lot. The colors of Rangoli are a blessing to the receivers that their life is also filled with different colors of happiness, joy and merriment. There are many varieties of Rangoli available in the market to captivate your heart.

Dry fruit Boxes



This is something which is not only useful but also something that would be loved by the one whom you gift it. Huge varieties of dry fruit boxes are present in the market and you can choose any as per your taste and choice. So, fill it with different dry fruits and take it to the home of your beloved.

Special Diwali Chocolates



On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, when you are planning for a gift for someone, you can go ahead with special Diwali chocolates that are not only yummy but will also make one happy. Just step into the market to enter the world of special chocolates!

Diwali Pooja-Thalis



Just gift away the Diwali Pooja Thalis, to the one whom you want to give. There are many kinds of attractive Pooja Thalis available in the market which has Diyas, idol of God, coins etc attached in it, making it a complete Pooja Thali to worship.

So, let the increasing distance get shortened or rather disappear with these loveable gifts on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Make your loved ones feel special, by giving any of these gifts and show them how much you love them and what they mean to you in your life. These gifts are just not the materialistic things but the token of your true love and affection towards them. So, be happy and make others happy!

Wish you all ‘A Very Happy Diwali’. Have a safe and enjoyable festival :)

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