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Johareez.com is a one stop online shopping destination for Jewellery & Fashion Accessory lovers. We are the JEWELLERY & FASHION MARKETPLACE, where we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase almost every kind of Jewellery & Fashion Product they wish to add to their fashion wardrobe. We consistently are partnering with mass merchandisers, fashion brands, jewellery merchants who want to promote & sell their jewellery & fashion products via our unique marketplace.

Johareez offers the widest range of Jewellery & Fashion Accessories in both a Fixed Price selling format & a portion of our product listings on-site are listed in real time Live Auctions environment where customers have the opportunity to Bid & Win their favorite jewellery products. Our unique business concept enables us to consistently deliver exceptional value and service to our customers and our certified merchants who wish to sell their products on our marketplace.

Our team consistently strives to improve the customer experience and create a unique channel of distribution of premium brand name manufacturers to extend their brand and INCREASE SALES!

Johareez delivers its customer both exceptional cost savings of an auction and customer service of popular brand name retail eCommerce sites, making Johareez.com one of India’s leading online shopping destinations for consumer share as they capitalize on the benefits of this high performance hybrid business model.

Bid. Buy. Win.

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