World’s 10 Largest Diamond, Gold and Silver Mines

Precious metals and stones like gold, silver, diamond, etc. are gifted to human kind from Mother Nature. But there are only few mines that can produce these metals and stones in profitable quantity. Let’s read which are the biggest suppliers of this hidden treasure?


10 Largest Diamond Mines

Diamond, another invaluable gift from India, was recognized as an invaluable stone by the Indians before 6000 years. Initially it was used as religious icons and to offering to the gods. So the ancient India was the first that mined and introduced diamond to the world, though today there are dozens of diamond mines in the world out of which 10 biggest are here.

  1. Mirna Mines: Mirna mine at Russia contains largest share of uncovered diamonds and is the second biggest diamond mine also.
  2. Argyle Diamond Mine: Located at Australia, Argyle is the world’s biggest diamond producer and supplies for industrial grade stones.
  3. Jwaneng Diamond Mine: South African country Botswana is the luckiest country that owns three largest diamond mines in its account including planet’s richest diamond mine Jwaneng diamond mine.
  4. Kimberlite Pipe Mine: Angola based Kimberlite Pipe mine is the fourth biggest diamond supplier mine across the world.
  5. Catoca Diamond Mine: Another mine named as Catoca diamond mine from Angola is the fifth biggest diamond producer site.
  6. Letlhakane Diamond mine: Owned by De Beers, Letlhakane diamond mine is the second oldest and sixth largest precious stone supplier on the earth.
  7. Orapa Diamond Mine: Botswana’s third largest diamond site Orapa mine is world’s seventh largest also. It belongs to DeBeers.
  8. Bakwanga mine: Situated in the Congo’s Kasai, area, Bakwanga mine ranks on eighth place in the list of world’s largest diamond supplier mines.
  9. Magna Egoli Mine: Although Sierra Leone’s Magna Egoli is the ninth in the list but it is the first in largest mechanized diamond mine’s list.
  10. Cullinan Diamond Mine: Governed by De Beers, South Africa’s Cullinan diamond mine is ranked on tenth position in the list.


10 Largest Gold Mines

Gold is truly precious not because it is costly because it secures your financial future better than all other investments. But do you know it is one of the rarest metals available on the earth and has a very limited stock. Let’s read about mines that topped the gold supplier’s list.

  1. Grasberg Gold Mine: Indonesia based Grasberg mine which produced above 2 million ounces of gold, is the world’s largest gold mine.
  2. Muruntau Gold Mine: Governed by state-owned Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat, Uzbekistan’s Muruntau gold mine holds second position in the largest gold producing mine’s list. Last year this mine supplied over 1.8 million ounce of gold.
  3. Carlin-Nevada Complex: Nevada’s Carlin-Nevada Complex is the third biggest gold supplier mine with an approx. annual production of 1.7 million ounces of gold.
  4. Yanacocha Gold Mine: Peru’s Yanacocha gold mine is Latin America’s largest and world’s fourth biggest gold producing mine with total production of 1.46 million ounce production. It belongs to Newmont Mining and Buenaventura Company.
  5. Goldstrike (Betze Post) Gold Mine: Situated in northwest of Elko, Nev, Goldstride gold mine is fifth biggest players in the list who mined 1.24 million ounces of gold past year.
  6. Cortez Gold Mine: Another mine from Elko, Nev is the sixth major gold mining company across the globe with 1.14 million ounces of gold.
  7. Veladero Gold Mine: Argentina’s biggest gold supplier mine Veladero is world’s seventh biggest gold mining site. It is owned by Barrick Gold.
  8. Lagunas Norte Gold Mine: Based in Peru’s north-central region, Lagunas Norte mine is eighth in world’s biggest gold digger’s list.
  9. Lihir Gold Mine: Owned by Australia’s largest gold producer company Newcrest Mining Ltd, Lihir mine is ranked on ninth position with annual production of 790,000 ounces of gold.
  10. Super Pit/ Kalgoorlie Gold Mine: Western Australia based Super Pit mine is the last name in the world’s top 10 gold producing mines.


10 Largest Silver Mines

Defined as poor’s gold, silver is the third most precious metal in following Platinum and gold. Luckily nature gifted silver generously to the human kind so we have more silver than gold and platinum. Here is a list of world’s 10 largest silver producing mines.

  1. Cannington Silver Mine: Owned by BHP Billiton, Cannington silver mine is the world’s largest silver mine with approx. 39 million ounces of silver.
  2. Rudna-Lubin Silver Mine: Poland’s Rudna-Lubin silver mine is honored as second largest mine with 37.3 million ounces of silver.
  3. Fresnillo-Zacatecas Silver Mine: Located in Mexico, Fresnillo-Zacatecas silver mine is third in the list of world’s largest silver producing mines.
  4. San Cristobal Silver Mine: Bolivia’s San Cristobal mine is ranked fourth with total annual production of 19 million ounces of silver.
  5. Penasquito Silver Mine: Owned by Goldcorp, Mexico’s Penasquito silver mine is fourth largest silver producer on the planet.
  6. Antamina Silver Mine: Situated in Peru’s heart, Antamina silver mine which is a joint venture of BHP Billiton, Xstrate Inc., Teck Resources and Mitsubishi Corp is the sixth biggest silver producing mine.
  7. Gumuskoy Silver Mine: Turkey’s Gumuskoy mine owned by Eti Mine Works is on seventh position with annual production of 11.4 million ounces of silver.
  8. Dukat Silver Mine: Russian mine Dukat mine which is known for producing gold and silver is the eighth largest silver mine.
  9. Pallancata Silver Mine: Peru’s Pallancata Mine is ninth in the list of largest silver digging sites.
  10. El Penon Silver Mine: Another but not the last silver mine from Peru, El Penon silver mine is tenth largest silver mine with approx. 9.4 million ounce of silver.

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