Why You Should Not Buy New Gold iPhone 5S

iphone 5If the rumours and roaming news headlines are to be believed, Apple is going to add gold to the colour options for the upcoming iPhone 5S. Though, it’s not confirmed by the company officials but there are evidences (obviously unofficial) to support the claim.

Apple has been recognized for its black and white image. Since the foundation of company by Steve Jobs and his two friends, it never did experiments with colours, even it offers only three colours including black, white and aluminium (rarely). In recent years, it changed the pattern introducing new heart luring designs.

Apple is a fashion brand more than being a techno brand. It is known to revolutionize the market and producing successful brands instead making technological wonders. It wants to make gold “this season’s colour”, globally.

However, if the company releases gold iPhone 5S, you should not buy it due to couples of reasons. Do you know what these are?

First of all, gold demands money to grace your collection, so the gold iPhone too. A gold iPhone 5S will be require enough money before you shop it, may be more than $100,000.

Secondly, it will need a high security. You can’t either put it or forget it because of dangers of safety reasons. If you fail to do so, there will be a great penalty in the form of the cost of lost gold iPhone 5S.

Thirdly, It will have no technological advancements on current iPhone 5S. It will do everything what your current iPhone is doing with the only difference of golden colour.

Internationally, gold is considered for designer artefacts and investment excluding south Asia. Peoples in Europe and America love to wear neutral colours like grey, silver, off white. So they would not prefer to buy an iPhone, while South Asians specially Indians loves to buy 24K gold jewellery instead buying fancy items.

In the last, there is no confirmation from the company sources till yet that it is going to release a gold iPhone. But to fulfill your desires of golden accessories you can purchase luxury watches, jewelleries and other accessories exploring Johareez.com

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