Why Jewellery Education Is Essential For The Indian Jewellery Buyers

Why Jewellery Education Is Essential For The Indian Jewellery BuyersGlittering gold, stunning diamonds, cultural heritages and rich traditions, these are what we use to define Indians. We were the first who introduced diamonds and gold to the world. We are also the world’s most gold buying country, we have the largest hub of diamond processing on the planet. We have the largest trained manpower in jewellery industry but when it comes to information and knowledge, many Indians lack essential information.

Being a great fan of metal does not make you an expert though it costs you when you are trapped by a fraud metal seller like we are used to read news (of fake gold) in newspapers.

If industry experts are to be believed, we must educate and learn as much information as possible communicating with the trade experts. An honest jeweller would also love to share what he knows with clients to rejoice long term relationship. Being well educated about jewellery makes you understand the basics and customization process so you can share your own views to create a mind arresting design to accessorize your look.

In India, people are depending on local jewellers working for years instead buying gold & silver jewellery from the branded shops. While branded shop provides you the necessary documents to make sure everything correct, your local goldsmith offers you nothing other than a bill receipt. Sometimes this receipt does not mention the purity of gold which makes it difficult to take a legal action against the seller in case of fake or impure gold.

The government of India has set up several hallmarking centres for gold & silver jewellery making hallmarking mandatory. Despite the rule is not followed honestly by the all, it proved itself beneficial  for the consumers and honest sellers.

To educate mass, the government needs to take more initiatives including opening jewellery education hub for Indian jewellery buyers. People can walk in and gain access to knowledge on one and all aspects of expensive metal, precious & semi-precious jewels, stone treatments, hallmark, manufacturing process from the experts. This will enable honest jewellers to grow their business expending their acceptability to take out of fraudulent jewellers.

But the path is not so smooth unless jewellery associations come to support government efforts recognizing and punishing dishonest individuals. In addition to, jewellery buyers must be ready to acquire the knowledge and begin to demand certification documents with the bought jewellery to avoid any threat of fraud metal and gemstones.

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