Who Ever Thought These 21 Items Would Be Made Of Solid Gold?

Who Ever Thought These 20 Items Would Be Made Of Solid Gold?

Who Ever Thought These 20 Items Would Be Made Of Solid Gold?

Gold indulgence means gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bars and gold investments. However, across the globe, many creative people indulge in the beautiful yellow metal with style.

Gold chain or gold ring doesn’t satiate them enough and so they surprise the world with their outrageous golden ideas. These designers make sure to add a little bling in the mundane items and the trend takes an even bigger picture.

The precious metals prices are tumbling across the globe, but with these gold products will never go out of price and out of mind. These outrageous items, created for a noble cause, for promotion, to cater the whims of a royal or to attract attention, celebrate luxury.

These unique products open the gateways to a golden world outside jewellery. The world where King Midas from Greek Mythology lived or the one achieved by the philosopher’s stone from the magical world of Harry Potter.

Let’s take a look at the 11 most unique gold products around the globe.

Golden iPad2
1. Golden iPad2

Created by Stuart Hughes, a British Jewellery maker, this version of iPad2 is made with 2000 grams of solid 24-carat gold and 53 gems, including multiple diamonds.

This Golden iPad2 is studded with ammolite, world’s oldest rock, and Tyrannosaurus Rex thigh bone, which made it worth $8,254,150 last year. As per the reports, only two of these golden iPad2 were created.


Golden Loo
2. Golden Loo

Inspired by Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin’s declaration “when a communist revolution swept over the world, there would be public toilets made of gold”, designer Lam Sai-wing executed Lenin’s golden dream into a well deserved throne.

This Golden toilet is made of 24K solid gold and weighs nearly a metric tonne. It was built in 2001; it is worth more than $37 million.


3. TATA Nano

Indian joined the Golden race with its own Golden TATA Nano car.

This car is made of 22K weighing 80Kg and over 15kg Silver. Apart from gold and silver, precious gemstones such as rubies, pearls, emerald and more are enhancing the beauty of the golden venture.

The car is worth millions of dollars worth of gold with a price in India where the car was unveiled at 225.17 million rupees for the gold alone.


Golden lingerie
4. Golden Lingerie

Whose idea could it be, to create a golden bra??? This bra would tickle everyone’s fantasy. Designed by Chinese designer Zhou Ningin for a jewellery show in Beijing, this gold filligree bra weighs 458 Grams.

Several similar pieces have appeared around the world, including one in South Korea valued at $1.89 million.


White Gold Bathtub
5. White-gold Bathtub

If someone could think of a golden Loo, why not a gold bath?

Splish splash away in style in this bathtub made with 24k white gold tiles.

It was designed by Japanese manufacturer INAX and put on display in the company’s Tokyo showroom in August 2010. The price tag: $94,000.


Golden Beer Mug
6. Golden Beer Mug

For all those beer lovers, who love to live a royal life, this beer Mug is a dream come true. Created by Japan’s leading jeweller, Ginza Tanaka, this golden beer mug is made from 850 grams of gold and was worth $50,000.


Golden  Lemonade
7. Golden Lemonade

Luxury has no limit, creativity has no stopper and royalty has no end

This lemonade filled with flakes of 24-carat gold leaf was produced by the Elixia Faustin Company after a client in Dubai who was looking for a deluxe and non-alcoholic version contacted the French company.


Golden Teddy Bear
8. Golden Teddy Bear

The German teddy bear company, Steiff has created this golden Teddy Bear to commemorate its 125th anniversary.

This expensive bear has a mouth made of solid gold and fur made from gold thread. Topping off the teddy bear are jeweled eyes featuring sapphire pupils with diamond irises.

There are only 125 of these puppies made.


Golden BBQ Grill
9. Golden BBQ Grill

“It’s for the man who has everything and wants more.”- Peter Woodland, BeefEater Managing Director.

All parts of the US$12,500 barbecue grill except for the cooking surfaces have been individually plated and dipped in 24 carat gold.


Golden Christmas Tree
10. Golden Christmas

This Christmas tree was designed and created by Steve Quick Jeweler or a beautiful and honorable cause, to help people who are battling cancer.

The golden tree is made up of 5 pounds of solid 18 karat gold, decorated with 250 carats of diamonds and topped with a 4.52 carat round brilliant cut diamond set in a platinum star. The tree is valued at over $500,000.00.


Golden earphones
11. Gold Earphones

No tin ear here. For the audiophile who has everything, Japanese-based Final Audio Design has created high-performance gold plated earphones.

The starter model goes for $940.


Golden Pencil
12. Golden Pencil

Would we need a diamond sharpener for this? Or would we even sharpen this pencil?

Korean designer Daisung Kim created the pencils, which have a thin 24k layer of gold plating. They retail for $20.


Gold Coffin
13. Gold Coffin

“Born with a Golden spoon” is too cliché, as now “depart in a Golden Coffin” is in fashion.

This coffin, covered in 24 carat gold, was made by Art Funeral Italy and debuted at the 2010 Verona Luxury and Yacht show — an event known to be "for billionaires only."

In case of a rich call from the beyond, this coffin comes with a gold-plated mobile phone.
The coffin’s worth an estimated $400,000.

Singers Michael Jackson and James Brown were buried in gold coffins, as was notorious Australian gangster Carl Williams — all presumably without a phone.


Gold Plated Infiniti
14. Gold-Plated

Car has always been a status symbol, but what exactly is a Golden Car, the 21st century golden chariot?

Unveiled in March 2011 at a jeweller’s shop, this golden Infiniti convertible is plated with 24-carat gold.

According to local reports, it took five artisans four months to give the car its full bling.

The car was later towed away from outside the store for not having been properly registered.


Golden Wi-Fi
15. Golden Wi-Fi

The Nintendo Wi-Fi SUPREME is a unique and definitely the most expensive in the world. It is made up of 2,500 grams of solid 22ct gold. The front buttons are made of 78 x 0.25ct flawless diamonds which total 19.5ct. Only three such consoles will be made and they will each cost almost half a million dollars.


Golden Nokia Cell Phone
16. Golden Nokia Cell

The Siricco Gold cell phone: Nokia has officially released this Sirocco Gold cell phone which features white gold accents and 18-carat gold plating.


Gold iPod
17. Gold iPod

Alexander Amosu, a London entrepreneur known as “King of the Ring” for making a bundle on urban ringtones, has introduced a line of gold-plated iPods. The 24 carat iPods cost $600 for a 30-Gbyte version and $800 for the 80-Gbyte model.


Golden Shoes
18. Golden Shoes

These Cinderella shoes are made of up-to-680g pure gold by an Italian designer in Wuhu, Anhui Province under the invitation from World Gold Council. There is no information available on its price.


Golden MacBook
19. Golden MacBook

Golden iPad2, Golden iPod, why not Golden Macbook?

The golden MacBook has gold-plating on the aluminum casing which they also paint match on the keyboard and trackpad as well as re-engrave the keyboard letters.


Golden Blackberry Case
20. Golden Blackberry

Case-Mate designed this diamond encrusted case with 3.5 carats and 15 grams of gold for the BlackBerry Curve smartphone. It’s valued at $20,000!


Golden Spectacles
21. Golden Spectacles

These Duo Fringe Glasses are presented by Bless as part of their Nothingneath collection. They are worth €200.


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