White Wedding Jewelry Trends 2014: Be the blushing bride on your D-Day!

white-weddingAmong Catholics, nothing is considered more sophisticated than classic and traditional white wedding. White is a color which never goes out of style, and whenever worn, they make the wearer look graceful and classy. And if you are looking forward to a white Christian wedding, you must have your trousseau set around this particular color. Even though white is considered as formal hue, it doesn’t mean you can’t be playful with it. You can make the ensemble all the more enchanting by making it look modern and fresh, adding in a slight texture, popping in some colors.

Once you are done with the wedding gown shopping, it’s time that you look for the perfect jewelry which accentuates the beauty of your attire in no time. After all, it is going to be your big day and all eyes would be on you, so everything must be special, isn’t it? You need to have the most wonderful outfit, dainty footwear and sparkling white jewels. So here we are going to discuss the latest trends in Catholic bridal jewelry and you can decide what would be your pick for the occasion.

Pearls: The minute we think of white wedding, pearl jewelry is the first thing which comes to your mind. This classic jewelry trend not only makes you look refined, but also stylish and confident as well. They have the vintage aura and remind the wearer of old-world glamour. Unleash your ultra-feminine persona on your D-day by adorning a string of pearls.

Diamond: Delicate diamond jewelry can never go out of style, and what can be the better idea to ornament your white wedding dress than the sparklers. These rare and valuable jewels have this rich aura surrounded by them. Mark your new innings with this ideal symbol of purity. You can also opt for pearl-diamond jewelry for the sophisticated charm.

Colored gemstone: Moving over white this season, won’t harm you, as the beauty of your white gown will be seamless when you add a pop of hue to it with colored gemstone jewelry. This new trend already has many lovers.

Statement necklace: Lend an expression to your beauty by going for the bold yet polished look with statement necklace. Just make sure that when worn one, you must keep the rest of the jewelry really simple, or you could do with just the statement necklace alone.

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