White Gold Jewellery: Give your style versatility with them!

There was a time when white gold was preferred in foreign countries only, however, now the trend is also catching up in India, and people are keen on splurging on expensive metals other than yellow gold. Often it happens that people shy away from spending too much money on trends as they keep on changing. However, you don’t have to think too much before putting your hard-money on white gold, as this is a trend which is here to stay. You can see yellow gold for example. No matter how inexpensive the false gemstones may be, still none can match the charm of yellow gold. Thankfully, we can say the same for white gold, which has been in rage in West since decades and still continues to be. However, in India, earlier on the white gold was considered very expensive that mostly high-class beauties wore these jewellery pieces accentuated with white gold. Though now white gold has become the favorite of average-income earners as well.

Even the sky-touching prices of gold is attracting the domestic consumers towards white gold, diamonds and during last year’s Diwali festival, when the jewellery is most purchased, it was noticed that large amount of people opted for diamond jewellery set in white gold. Trade analyst had said that it was the increasing prices of yellow gold which forced women to turn towards white gold and this trend is not going anywhere now. After all everyone loves versatility in their style. So now the fashionista can freely flaunt variety of styles with white gold, yellow gold and other trendy jewels. In bigger cities, diamonds studded in white gold are much in sale than the sparklers set in gold.

Meanwhile, one has to be really careful while investing money in white gold. Nevertheless the trend is catching up in India, but it’s only drawback is its low resale value. However, if you keep few things in mind, you won’t really go wrong. The interesting fact about white gold is that in fine quality one palladium is used, which is a close relative of platinum, and it increases its price. Whereas other metals like nickel are less expensive and they comes in handy to mould and design. Hence, you must look for the resale value of the white gold jewellery. Or else we would suggest that you go for rhodium plated yellow gold, which looks exactly like white gold, however, it’s resale value is really grand.

Not only women, but white gold jewellery is also liked by men, and they favor it over other alloys like gold, silver and bronze. They are preferring white gold ring over boring yellow gold for their wedding rings as well, as they are looking for something different. Or else to present themselves as a modern man with traditions intact, they also like a smart blend of white and yellow gold.

So here it’s time that you add white gold in your jewelry closet or gift the guy in your life. Find the gorgeous designs at Johareez.com, at amazing prices.

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