When you crave for statement jewellery – Johareez delivers it to you!

Shakespeare said ‘what’s in a name’, but don’t you think sometimes only a name is enough to grab your attention? Isn’t it goes same when you hear Johareez? Yes, Johareez is one fortunate jewellery brand that has been leading with pride with a loyal customer chain and an acclaimed reputation in India’s leading online jewellery store. It has earned a space in market and now people recognize it with its name.

It delivers you stunning fashion jewellery in most conventional designs studded with genuine material. The collection of various jewelry features a range of designs, from lightweight and funky to dramatic and chunky. It understands the importance of latest trend and that’s why it offers you trendsetter jewelry. Once you get into the collection of it, you will surely fall into love with each piece in display. As trend and fashion keeps on changing, Johareez brings you the best possible selection of all the styles out there in market. You can find designer engagement rings, promise rings, and other popular jewelry pieces and bring it all to you. Have a look at what all it has to offer:




Whether you’re the type of woman that enjoys going on with the latest trends or you appreciate a beautiful piece of jewelry influenced by designer styles, you most definitely will love the collection of Johareez rings. It gives you a fresh feel at the first glance. There are gold and sterling silver rings artistically crafted with genuine and precious stones.




If you’re looking for simple studs or a crazy, colorful pair of dazzling earrings, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s collection that offers finest designer earrings. The wide array of earrings makes it easy for you to pick that perfect style you have been searching for. Of course, with a price tag that is worth smiling about.




Bracelet is one accessory that always looks fun with any outfit, whether you are going for shopping or decking up for a fancy event. There’s always a place you can make for cool, elegant and different bracelets. Gold to sterling silver, the band gives you an array of bracelet with fine-looking glossy stones.

Necklaces & Pendants



This type of accessory is a simple and romantic way to mix your closet. It is a great go-to accessory for every female as they can wear them sans any special occasion. With so many superb designs to pick from, Johareez’s collection offers you a bevy of beautiful sterling silver necklaces in various designs.

Things and season keeps on changing, but love lasts forever. Find your new love with the brand’s jewelry and be the first to flaunt your favorite piece from work, home, to party. Visit Johareez.com and grab the best deal today.

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