What is thewa jewellery & how is it designed?

When it comes to jewellery, Indian jewellery has no match in the world. India is the birth place of more than a dozen of jewellery craftsmanship multiplying with updates in the technologies. Around 500-year-old art has roots in Rajasthan’s soil. Thewa is a heritage from Indian goldsmiths from the state of Rajasthan.

According to history tales, it was originated under the patronage of Maharawat Samant Singh, the king of the Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan. Thewa is a Rajasthani word that means “setting”. As the name is self-describing, thewa is a unique way to infusing 23K gold on multi-colour glass to create superlative jewellery designs.

Thewa Jewellery has acclaimed appreciating words across the world for its unique qualities meanwhile its craftsmen has received prestigious awards from the Government of India as well as UNESCO. But that is not the only thing that attracts people but its designing style is the key of the fortune for thewa jewellery craftsmen.

What is Thewa Jewellery?



Thewa jewellery is a traditional Rajasthani art of infusing 23K gold with gemstones and multicoloured glass. The entire piece of jewellery is handmade and can take more than a month’s time. During the process, gold is given various treatments to produce magnificent design patterns.

Though thewa jewellery was invented in a small town of Rajasthan, it has become a prominent art in the India. In previous decades, thewa artisans introduced new kinds of thewa jewellery combining traditions art with other jewellery traditions like Kundan art, Meenakari as well as imparting contemporary European style. As a result, gorgeous thewa designs can be displayed in Metropolitan Museum of Art and other internationally reputed museums.

How A Thewa Jewellery Design Is Crafted



Designing a thewa jewellery is a complex and delicate process. It takes more than a month’s time to create effect and skills of the craftsmen. Thewa process begins with a smashing fragments of terracotta combining with certain chemicals and oils to form a paste. The paste is spread on a timber board; later a gold sheet of 23K gold is set onto this paste. This gold sheet contains a design impressed on it. Using this way, the goldsmith makes a design pattern on gold sheet which is stenciled simultaneously meanwhile the coloured glass works as the base of the jewellery as a unit of the gold. Finally the jewellery piece is ornamented with precious and semi-precious gemstones before finalizing the design. Thewa jewellery comes in various shapes including round, square, oval, rectangular and so on.

Themes of Thewa Jewellery



Usually thewa jewellery follows two patterns — Hindu mythological stores and tales of courage and romance from the land of Rajput kings. However natural scenery displaying animals, flora and fauna is also a common theme which is designed beautifully. In other words it does not only ornament your beauty but communicates tales from life also.

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