What is the right time to present your woman with jewelry?

201431340989062Flowers and chocolates indeed come around as perfect gift for women; still nothing can beat jewelry, as it has greater sense of meaning and will tell your woman that how much she means to you. After all you don’t need an occasion to gift flowers, but there is nothing casual when jewelry is presented and it always has a message for a woman. Jewelry is a formal gift hence you need to be careful while presenting it to someone. When you are in a relationship, giving jewelry to her comes with a meaning.

It is a forever gift so you better think much in advance and if you are still unsure about where your relationship will go, abstain from giving jewelry to your ladylove. This way you will make sure that she too doesn’t get any wrong ideas and take things slowly. At the same time, you probably won’t get the jewelry back, in case the relationship ends. So it goes without saying that you must make sure that your relationship will last before gifting jewelry to her. For instance, how you feel about her or whether you see a future with her or that you feel happy in her company or not?

You will get the right idea after you spend a considerable amount of time with her, like at least a year. Once you are sure about her, it’s time to pick the right jewelry for her which would go well with her personality. Observe which jewelry she wears the most, whether, it is bracelets, necklaces, earrings or pendant, so that you can choose accordingly and don’t end up buying something she won’t wear.

Keep in mind that most women perceive gifts as a sign. Gifts provide an insight into how the guy exactly feels for her. In fact it is often suggested to ladies that one way to find out what she mean to her partner is to look at the gift he gives to her on the special occasions. And even though it is suggested that monetary value of a gift doesn’t matter, but in actual, sometimes it does. It is supposed that the guy isn’t really serious about her woman if he is not ready to spend money on the jewelry. However, if the guys is committed and is in for a long haul, he won’t shy away from spending big bucks on diamonds. So take the cue and go present her with the sparklers if you want to convey your special feelings to her!

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