What are Chocolate Diamonds or Brown Diamonds

Diamonds are favorite of most individuals however many of them their own color preferences to buy a precious stone. Diamonds emit the rainbow spectrum colors. The more colorless diamonds are, more priceless and rare are they. Many like to have colorless bright diamond but the planet is filled with those also want to have something very unique and special like chocolate colored diamonds. Interestingly it’s an urban legend that chocolate diamonds or dark brown diamonds are fake or rare gems found in the nature either, despite both are incorrect and falsify the legend very well.

You do agree or not, it’s a fact that colorless diamonds are rare precious stones even most of colorless diamonds are genuine diamonds processed in labs to remove their color shades enhancing their prettiness. On the other side, dark brown are raw stones (generally unprocessed) and available in a vast amount. This is the reason colorless diamonds are expensive in comparison of other gemstones.

What are Brown (or Chocolate) Diamonds

Usually colorless diamonds are rare pieces comparatively their colored counterparts. Brown diamond is also a wonder of nature formed under high pressure and extreme temperature that caused their dark color. The only difference between chocolate diamond and colorless diamond was their forming conditions other then both are diamonds. But as the mankind is known to evaluate everything as per its own set guidelines, brown diamonds are supposed to be fake nonetheless they are real gems alike other precious stones.

Are Chocolate Diamonds Another Form of Poor Colored Diamonds?

Though colorless diamond is everyone’s first preference to buy, dark brown diamonds are also in demands by the fashionists and jewellery designers to infuse unconventional effects in the jewellery. Brown diamond came in news in 2000 after only world renowned diamond dealer Le Vian planned a huge marketing strategy to publicize the new found trend among masses. Big Hollywood celebrities’ name like Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Hillary Swank, Katherine Heigl and Minka Kelly joined efforts and soon chocolate diamond or brown diamond became new style icon among the trendsetters.


Tips to buy Chocolate Color Diamond

Market is filled with fake, faulty low quality stones sold as brown diamond even though brown diamonds are less expensive than their colorless counterparts. The most important thing is while you are buying a diamond you should confirm it’s a diamond. Pay attention to clarity and flaws of the stone also. Buying a crystal clear and flawless gemstone will include a life time wealth into your jewellery collection, so don’t forget to find out a perfect piece to enrich your gorgeous beauty. Moreover you can use microscope which is easily available at almost all jewellery store. So next time whenever you want to buy a gemstone, don’t be shy to give a try to brown diamond.

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