What accessories to wear with your short shorts this summer!

Summer is up with full swing, so are we with our cool and shortest dresses, sunglasses, skin-friendly accessories and flat footwear. Denim shorts and short shorts are summer’s favorite and with them we never feel stereotyped. They come in various lengths and styles, and we all love the fact that they could be worn almost everywhere, of course, office and professional meetings are not included in this. They are great at casual places, from sunny beaches to picnics, shopping and travelling to wild parties with your friends. They are comfortable and versatile, so you can wear them wherever you go for a simple, casual look or an elegant night out. If worn with appropriate accessories and upper, they look great and also make your look stand out from the crowd. So, let’s discuss what kind of jewellery, toppers and accessories we can wear with shorts that look stunning.

Bangles & Bracelets: Due to the versatility, shorts can be worn the way you want but accessories should be chosen wisely. Simple bangles & bracelets, which look refreshing, would be an apt choice to go with darker shade, rag and bone denims. Add simple yet chunky bracelets for getting a very oh-so stylish look. You can deck up your favorite sunglasses, printed gladiator sandals and a jute bag to complete your appearance.

Collar necklaces and long-chained pendants: For a youthful appearance you need to add colors to it. Pick colorful necklaces or long chained pendants, even spiritual pendants, which are currently in vogue, would double up the style quotient to your look. Simply wear your t-shirt or floral top with denim shorts and converse sneakers. Pick a bag with fringes to create a more dramatic look.

Ring and bracelet: Denim shorts are also playful, so pair them with cool enameled rings. Charm and chunky bracelets would also add the needed glamour to your persona. For upper you can go for animal print top or kaftan and hot red details. This outfit is a great choice for cocktail parties on the beach, because it is sexy and attractive. Gold jewellery goes great with animal print and we all know that red is the hottest color, so it is perfect for summer nights.

Anklets and Payal: What could be more attractive way to drew attention to your legs than a beautiful anklet? You can also wear one payal at any of your foot. Dress in light shade of top, like celosia orange, placid blue, freesia, cayenne or hemlock with your short shorts, making your look effortlessly cool. Carry in a cross body bag, just because they are amusing, and feel like you look: joyful.

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