Wear cufflinks at any formal to casual gathering for a classic look!

Gone are those days when men hardly gave attention to their formal looks. A formal pant and shirt with a nice pair of polished shoes were all in their list when they move for a professional call. However, there have been some noticeable changes seen in their way of dressing and styling. Accessories have taken a nice place in their wardrobe as well. From designer watches and stainless rings to bracelets, there are cufflinks also which you can easily find in their formal appearance. Especially cufflinks, the small yet striking accessory used to fasten the cuffs of a shirt, have become a vital part for business tycoons. If you are also looking to step your business casual attire up a notch higher than it’s time to dress for business. Business casual means something less formal than a suit and tie, not a casual outfit that looks vaguely presentable.

You should act little careful when opting for cufflinks because accessories can make or break your entire outfit. With business casual, keep them to a minimum. If you have double cuff shirts, which work fine casually as long as a jacket is worn, cufflinks will be needed. Choose small and simple cufflinks with a solid metal such as Sterling silver.

There are few more tips how to wear cufflinks in the correct manner:

  1. It would be ideal to choose cufflinks as per your taste. There are lots of shape and sizes available to complement your personality. If being classy is your choice than opt for stylish butterfly shaped enamel cufflink. They are bound to turn your look classier.
  2. You should consider your personality before buying any cufflinks. You can wear any pair, but to make sure it’s a success, it is best to match the cufflinks with your character as well. If you are hosting a ceremony, whether in an office event or wedding function, put cuffs on your sleeves that will drive in a smooth look instead edgy and tacky.
  3. There is a need to a pay attention to colors. It is important to be reminded that as tiny as cufflinks are, they still need to match or at least not clash with the rest of your outfit. Simple go with silver, black and grey cuffs if you are not sure about the colors. You won’t go wrong with sterling silver cufflinks in this case. Remember, there is no need to follow trends blindly or run behind red carpet trends as they look far away from reality. Choose what suits you most.
  4. Choose your material and the cost will be a consideration as well. While the classics are usually silver, steel, or gold, there are so many kinds of materials used for cufflinks today.

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