Unleash your cool and chic personality with braided bracelets!

braided-braceletDespite our love for expensive jewelry, we can never cease to adore the inexpensive handmade jewelry which can be easily worn everyday and they lend this cool chic feel which every girl loves. Speaking of handmade, you must try braided bracelets which can be easily made and have it in them to glam up any of your attire. They will add creative flair to your wardrobe and you can have them in as many colors you want without worrying about the price as the braided bracelets, when made at home, almost cost nothing. So to make things easy for you, we will discuss some easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) steps.

To start with you will require yarn in three different colors (for instance white, pink, yellow), which you need to knot together at the top. The string should easily wrap around your wrist. Now with the help of your fingers, you need to braid the three strings as you do with your hair to make a braid hairstyle. Once you are done with the braiding tie the end in a knot again, leaving an inch of string both sides. Your braided bracelet is ready. Meanwhile, there are others ways to make braided bracelets as well.

Beaded braided bracelet: Firstly, let’s learn about beaded braided bracelet. For this all you need to do is deck up the braids while adding beads altogether. This will lend of funky look in no time, and is best for everyday wear as well.

Braided wrap string bracelet: For this style, twine two strands of thread/ yarn around the third yarn. This will be ready in minutes and you can pick the colors as per your choice.

Braided paper bracelet: Here, instead of a string, you need to take a paper and braid three strips of paper. Keep in mind that you pick thick strip of paper so that it doesn’t get tear by mistake. This unique style is definite to make you feel special.

Not only women, but braided bracelets are in rage among men as well. They are loved for their effortless style, and can be passed off as unisex. So while you make one for yourself, design for the male members in your family as well. We’re sure they are going to admire it.

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