Top Surprising Golden Facts About Pure 24K Gold

It is said that all glitters are not gold but all gold definitely glitters and galvanizes one’s beauty and pride. This shiny, pricey, soft and yellow metal is one of the most powerful and perfect metal to flaunt off one’s status and possessions and also has been a symbol and identification of jewelry. Gold is glittering, gold is glowing, gold is gamble, gold is glamour, gold is gorgeous and thus gold is growing everyday as its price are skyrocketing. But despite all the information needed for buying gold or even the wiki flow of golden info, we are still aware of some golden and interesting facts about gold.

Gold is Edible: Gold might be expensive but it’s edible too. Yes! This is the jaw dropping fact about gold that it is used in some eatables. Some Asian countries put gold particles in fruit jelly snacks, tea and coffee etc. Some European countries put gold leaves in some liquor like Goldwasser and Goldschlager. Some Native American tribes believe that gold consumption will help them to levitate.

ü Gold is Strechable: Gold can bring smiles but anyone of us is hardly aware of the fact that Gold is so soft and malleable that an ounce of it could be stretched into a wire 50 miles in length, or be flattened into a sheet 100 square feet in area.

ü Soft Yet Heavy: Gold can be one of the softest mineral on planet but its cubic foot parts weighs half a ton and world’s largest gold bar weighs 200 kg (440 lb). The density of gold makes it heavy as the molecules are densely combined.

Made to be Jewelled: almost 70% of the whole gold churned out is used in manufacturing jewelry. Only about 13 percent is used to make coins, put in nations’ central banks or purchased by investors. The remaining one remains for industrial applications and dentistry usage.

Carat Mystery: Everyone knows that ’24 Carat gold’ strikes instantly and this unit of measuring the purity of gold is known by everyone, but no one knows ‘The Carat Story’. The word Carat is named after fruit of the leguminous carob tree, whose pods each weigh about one-fifth of a gram.

Gold In Electronics: The industrial usage of gold comes with the option of electronics. Very low voltages are used in solid electronics which are easily interrupted by corrosion or tarnish at the contact points. Gold is the best conductor of these tiny current thus increase reliability in safe usages. Connectors switch and relay contacts, soldered joints, connecting wires and connection strips use gold in their components.

This is not it; cell phones, calculators, personal digital assistants, global positioning system units and other small electronic devices and even television. Millions of cell phone of is produced every year with the tints og gold on their mother boards which is making the yellow metal diminish gradually.

24 Carat is never ‘PURE GOLD’: Call it a myth or misconception but 24 carats of gold never trademarks the purity of gold as gold which is absolutely pure can’t be molded easily into anything solid without the amalgamation of any other metal like copper. So even the 24 carats is mixed with copper.

ü Gold has its colors: If you are thinking that only yellow looking metal is gold then jerk off your thoughts and smell the coffee. Gold is not just in yellow colors but it also comes in various other Earthy colors like silver, copper, nickel, platinum, palladium, tellurium and iron and in other metals, it can also take hues of v ranging from silver-white to green to orange-red.

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