Top mistakes you should avoid when wearing anklets!

AnkletsSummer is considered as best season to flaunt your trendy to traditional, classic to chic anklets as this is open season for showing off your legs and feet with shorts skirts, cute hot pants and colorful sandals. Anklets have a decent charm to them that makes the foot of the wearer look beautiful and trendy. In fact girls love to bring focus even closer to foot by embracing the anklet trend. But one should keep few things in mind when opting for anklet style, especially in hot days. There are many tips that we can take from celebrities and follow them with ease but still you need to make sure what and which anklet you are buying and how are you going to wear them. There are wrong things that you can do when wearing anklets and if you wear it incorrectly, people might call you tacky, so keep the following tips and stay away from getting those bizarre titles:

Avoid anklets made of cheap materials: Tacky quality not only gives you not-so-happening look, but there are chances it might hurt your skin too. During summer your body sweats a lot and this can create allergies to your skin when exposed to low quality material. Anklet jewelry can experience a lot of wear and tear. Skin moisturizer, dirt and the weather can quickly turn a pretty gold colored metal into something green or ugly purple within just a few hours. Prefer high quality material or choose pure metals like gold, silver or platinum. In fact, a poorly made anklet can also fall apart quickly that surely lead your heart in dimness.

Don’t wear anklet that looks inappropriate: Your legs are one of the most attractive parts of your body and when you bring attention to them, you want them to look appropriate. It is good to wear this accessory occasion vise. If you are opting out a large rhinestones and beads for an expensive conservative dinner party it will not be appropriate. Large, flashy anklets are only appropriate for bars and night clubs, casual dates and trips to the mall or the beach, but even for these occasions, a simple, pure metal anklet is still stunning.

Anklets are not for casual occasion only:
It’s a wrong believe that anklets are not for formal affairs. If chosen correctly, anklets do look good in formal events as well. Start with an anklet that is beautiful, simple, and of high quality, and you will have the perfect accessory for your formal gown, night on the town dress or casual event outfit.

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