Top Eight Gemstones & Jewellery Myths Which Are Completely Untrue

Gemstones and jewellery industry is a world of glittering metal, twinkling stones and glamour. There everything appears so bright that nobody can distinguish the real and genuine which is why we have some misconceptions spread around the industry. Let’s have a dig in facts to know the truth that will completely astonish you clearing your prejudices and thoughts regarding the same.

A diamond is valued by its colour
Many people share the same thought, unfortunately it’s false. The colour is just a variation of hue not the deciding factor of a diamond’s brilliance. However colour spots can ruin a diamond’s impression, but they can be easily sorted out applying heat treatment of the stone.

A diamond’s cut is not important
Certainly it is another myth related to gemstones, mostly with diamonds and other transparent/semi-transparent gemstones. It is cut that makes a stone look bigger, brighter and shining. If a diamond is not cut properly, the diamond will lose its attraction completely looking like another stone.

Diamond is indestructible
Definitely a diamond is the hardest material on the planet but that does not make it safe against damages. Another diamond can scratch a diamond easily, meanwhile if they are given appropriate pressure, it will be chipped easily. It can be break using pressure for industrial purposes.

White Gold is rare and expensive
The above comment is half truth as the white gold is expensive but the first part is completely wrong. There is no metal like white gold in the world. White gold is produced mixing white metal in yellow gold in a ratio of 75:25. Therefore white gold is an alloy of 75% gold with 25% white metal like silver, copper or nickel too which makes it allergic too.

Synthetic stones are fake
Synthetic stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds, all are real stones. The only difference between genuine (or real) stones and synthetic stone is that synthetic stones are created in a lab using highly advanced technology. Even no one can differentiate between a genuine stone and synthetic stone until both are tested using scientific tests. Moreover, synthetic stones are expensive as much as synthetic stones.

Sapphires are only blue
A blue sparkling stone comes into the mind when we think about sapphires, but it’s not actually correct. Sapphire comes in rainbow colours except blood red. Red sapphire is known as ruby. The sapphire occurs in almost all colours including blue, green, pink, brown even black also that makes it lovely for all.

Gold is yellow
This was absolutely correct in our earlier generations but not now. Thanks to creative minds today we can buy pink gold, white gold, rose colour gold and if you are crazy to buy something very unique, blue gold is also there to amaze your eyes since it will be require big amount. Practically these all colours of gold are not mined naturally but are created in labs mixing other metals in different ratios and percentages. Blue gold is making through bombarding powerful gamma rays on the surface of yellow gold which does not change the metal of the gold but changes its surface colour producing blue colour.

Platinum is strong enough to be unbreakable
Again strength and hardness are two different concepts and does not affect one another. Platinum is surely strong to craft a jewellery or other industrial purposes but it’s not hard enough to resist against scratches and dents. Therefore you should take care of your platinum jewellery to stop any scratches on its surface.

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