Top 10 Most Famous Natural Gemstones in The World

Jewellery has always held a figment of fascination especially in female’s heart. The third world’s heart strings are attached with the lure of jewels and thus the business of gemstones in riding high with passing time. The origin, composition and natural forming process of jewellery dates back to the time of civilization and birth of gemstones is the aftermath of the civilization from where the love for jewels existed. This love and lure for jewels led human beings to dig more and move forward towards the discovery of gemstones which was replaced with the formerly used stones, pebbles and ropes.

Now when the world of jewels and gemstones is the most flourishing and lucrative ones, let’s have look at the most famous gemstones of the world.

  1. Moussaieff Red Diamond– Discovered in 1990, by a Brazilian farmer in Abaetezinho River in a region known as Alto Paranaiba which is largely known for colored diamonds. The first rough stone weighed around 13.9 carats which is 2.78 kgs. Originally known as ‘red shield’ this diamond was bought by Goldberg diamond Corp and in 2001 and 2002 it was bought by Shiomo Moussaieff who is Israel born London jeweler and this gemstone is still owned by Moussaieff Jewellers. This precious gemstone was exhibited at Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” and has been one of the most gracious and glorious gemstone of the world.
  2. Heart of Eternity– The striking charm this heart of Eternity posses is due to this being one of the rare classes of colored diamonds. Found in Premier Diamond Mine of South Africa, this diamond is colored as vivid blue in nature. Bought and cut by Steinmetz group it was later sold to De beers group. It was unveiled as a part of De Beers collection in 2000
  3. The Hope Diamond– The Hope diamond which is now housed in The Smithsonian Natural History Museum is the deep blue diamond to the naked eyes due to the trace amounts of boron with its crystal structure but emits red light if exposed to ultra violet rays. The ownership of this diamond has changed several times so it has travelled India, U.S., France and Britain and is the most famous diamond of the world. Its popularity has a specific reason which can be termed as its ‘cursed history or superstition’. It is said that the possession of this diamond is fatal to the owner and brings miseries to the possessor.
  4. Sancy Diamond– weighing 55.23 carats this pale yellow diamond was once considered the royal antiquity of Mughals. The shield-shaped stone comprises two back to back stones and is more likely of Indian origin with the Western cut and mould.
  5. Steinmetz Pink: This is the first and rarest diamond which is rated as vivid pink and weighs 59.60 carats. Keeping and treasuring its rarity in mind, Steinmetz group took time good 20 months to cut and mold the pink. This is internally and externally flawless in oval shape.
  6. Chloe Diamond: Sold on 14th November 2007, Chloe diamond is the largest round brilliant cut diamond at Sothebye’s in Geneva to Georges Marciano of the guess clothing line of 16.2 million dollars which is the second highest bid in the auctions of diamonds.
  7. Allnatt Diamond: A cushion cut, fancy vivid yellow diamond by Gemological Institute of America, this diamond is named after Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, who has been a soldier, sportsman, art patron and benefactor. It was later sold to SIBA Corportation.
  8. KohI- Noor: Known as Kohinoor in Hindi, this diamond is the most known one in the world of diamonds and weighs 105.6 carats. Its origin is from Andhra Pradesh state of India, this diamond belonged to various Hindu, Rajputs, Afgan, Iranian, Mughals and British kings. The precious diamond is currently set into the crown of Elizabeth at Tower Of London.
  9. 9.    Millennium Star: Flawless, peer shaped, and weighing 203.4 carat, this diamond was owned by De Beers. Crime journalist Kris Hollington wrote a book called Diamond Geezers which features the detailed history of the diamond.

Cullinan Diamond: Known as ‘the star of Africa’ with the WW2 service award, this diamond is the largest rough quality gem diamond ever found weighing 3,106.75 carat.


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