Top 10 Facts About Turquoise Gemstone & Turquoise Jewellery

Among all the precious gemstones, Turquoise has its own established bottle green glory. This opaque blue to green has its own royal and also protective history. Found in 16th century by Turkish people and was brought to Europe from Turkey. Every gem has its story and so has turquoise. Let’s get into some interesting and almost unknown facts about this mesmerizingly bluish green stone.
1. The word ‘Turquoise’ is derived from French word “pierre turquoise” meaning ‘stone of Turkey’. Germans wanted give the stone their name “Turkisher steins” meaning Turkish stones.
2. Turquoise jeweler has been in limelight since 6000 BC.
3. Turquoise jeweler especially necklaces and rings are popular across the globe that these are imported from Europe, Tibet and China.
4. Turquoise jewelry has always been in demand since the time of its origin due to its charm and also due to its mythological powers which denote that this stone has magical supreme powers. This stone brings luck and fortune to the wearer.
5. Napoléon Bonaparte presented his Empress Marie Louise with a wedding gift which was a crown of diamonds and turquoise. The crown was originally manufactured with just diamonds and emeralds but Napoleon, in order to make it different and enticing removed 79 emeralds replaced them with turquoise.
6. Chemical reaction that occurs when water leaks through rocks which contain specific minerals such as copper and aluminum is the process of natural composition of Turquoise.
7. The old traces of Turkish jewelry can be located in the old texts of “The Merchant of Venice”, written by Shakespeare presents a turquoise ring as a symbol of adoration, which a gift of turquoise jewelry can often represent – especially in Europe.
8. In 17th century, turquoise jewelry was considered status symbol and every elite gentleman flaunted off turquoise jeweler as their status rankings.
9. Turquoise can be the next rarest gemstone following diamonds as the demands are skyrocketing and supplies are not enough to fill all demands.
10. Due to its normal chemical formation, turquoise jewelry tends to get fade and natural colors of it might get affected. So tender care needs to be taken of turquoise gemstone and turquoise jewelry.

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