Timeless Turquoise: Swim into the ‘Jewel of Sea’

Turquoise, beautifully named as Sky-fallen stones are gorgeous. Turquoise is a mineral composed of aluminium and copper. In ancient times, it was used as a pretty stone and a jewel gemstone. Turquoise is the birthstone for December next to Tanzanite. Turquoise is a sky-bluish, bluish- green colour. Pure blue turquoise are rarely found.

From turquoise bracelets to rings, statement necklaces and earrings, the ‘sky-fallen stone’ is irresistible when you couple them with vivid coral motifs.

When worn well, turquoise is gorgeous and powerful-

The colour is strong, modern and professional. Turquoise jewellery can be noticeable statement pieces, however some more delicate options are there too that are evenly beautiful.

Here are top six ways we can stun turquoise jewellery:

Choose soft pieces

Thinking to wear turquoise to your workplace? Then, keep the outfit quiet and let the colour do all the talking. Imagine a heart-shaped turquoise coloured neckpiece over a white-hued top. Ah! Splendid!

Black, White and Blue

Our jewellery designers say, ‘Turquoise infuses pop of colour to your dress and works intensely with white, black and denim’. Keep in mind: a little turquoise does a lot.

With neutrals, it lifts the score

Wondering how to bring thrill to your usual beige coloured dress or camel coat? Think turquoise drop earrings, which can bring colour and spirit to your face. A few modest turquoise bangle bracelets can also be the option, as can an elegant necklace.

Make it pop

So you are thinking to make a bold statement! Buy turquoise earrings online and with a coral top, or a neon-pink dress. *whistles*

Work it with a maxi dress

Do you always go for the most minimal maxi dress or gown, you discover? Yes? Then, also find your much-loved accessory dipped in turquoise.

To maintain the gem, it is vital to provide proper care and storage space or else, turquoise can be likely damaged and become discoloured. Have a quick look on the expert tips for turquoise jewellery care-

Store turquoise separately

Wear turquoise after applying perfume or make-up as these chemicals may discolour the stone.

Protect the jewellery from extreme temperatures.

Use water and a soft brush to clean the stone. To dry it, use a soft towel.

To prevent silver tarnishing, keep turquoise jewellery in a sealable plastic bag.

Rub with a jewellery polishing cloth to remove any stain that develops.
If turquoise makes your heart happy, then make an emotional investment in turquoise pieces. We offer turquoise jhumkis, rings from designer stores and we would love to see these in your jewellery box. Check out the startling collection at Johareez.com

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