Things you need to keep in mind before going for gemstone jewelry shopping!

400x300When you buy precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery, all in expensive rates, you expect them to be shiny and glossy forever. After all gemstone jewellery is timeless jewellery which neither goes out of vogue nor it loses its significance among females. They are versatile, beautiful and available in a wide variety of cuts and colors. But a question, how to buy right gemstones jewellery, is always stays in the mind of customers. The following tips will help you understand how to buy precious, semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

Check the Color: Examine the color of the jewellery you are buying. It is the most important quality you can see with naked eyes. The richer color, the more value to the piece. For instance, if the colour is vibrant, it suggests that the lustre and clarity of the gemstone is very good. A color that is bright, in the medium range, with no cloudiness is considered the best quality.

Cut: You can define the value by the cut of a stone. Cut is not only the shape of the finished stone, but also the surface area. A precision-cut stone with well-proportioned facets produces a finished gem of superior brilliancy, color, and light reflection.

Carat: A carat is a unit of weight

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in gemology. One carat is equal to .200 grams. However, size is not always a determining factor in valuing a gem; a badly cut or colored large stone with numerous flaws is lower in value than a smaller but more perfect specimen.

Where to invest: There are top three gemstones- emeralds, rubies and sapphires, where you can

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invest. But again, a gemstone such as the Tanzanite, comes only from Tanzania, can also carry a very high value because of its rarity. The value can also depend on how rare the gemstone is. So, keep in mind that the most precious and best gemstones come from Brazil and Africa. Both countries have rich soil which is ideal for gem formation. While Thailand also yields many gemstones, in terms of quality Brazil and Africa come out on top.

Conclusion: Well, buying jewelry is a personal experience. What is beautiful to the individual eye is precious to that person. Some types of gemstones have a personal meaning or association and therefore have a greater value to the owner. Armed with knowledge of what to look for in semi-precious gemstone jewelry, the buyer can make an educated decision on finding the best quality and value.

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