Things to Keep In Mind before Buying Jewellery

Jewellery word brings the extravagance in luxury in mind as the buying process involves lots of points to keep into consideration before sealing the deal. As jewellery is not just the

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object of beautification but also is meant to be bought for asset management and investment purposes, so a careful consideration needs to be done before buying the jewellery.

Let’s have a look at the factors which need to be kept in mind before buying jewellery.

Design: Jewellery since the time of evolution has undergone many changes which are related to designs, weight, color, price and many other factors. In Fact designs of jewellery have been tailored every time according to the eras gone by. Mughal jewellery can be easily identified from the jewellery which was prevalent in British era. Besides from antique jewellery which posses its own charm, there are jewellery which cater to occasions like weddings and bridal purposes. Wedding bands and engagement rings, if designed well and in innovated way would be paid pleasantly in comfortable manner by customer. So design of any jewellery should be kept in mind before buying.

Quality: it is the most important factor before buying jewellery. A customer will do compromise in quality only due to the lower price, the lower quality product offer. Quality ensures the goodness, enhances the goodwill and makes the buyer on their toes to pay the exact required amount. To ensure the quality of jewellery to be bought, one should always go for hallmarks and karat signs to verify.

Cost: cost is the undeniable factor when it comes to buying jewellery. But cost can be modulated if rests of the above factors are well taken care of. The cost can be taken care and controlled with removing the third party cost and transferring or any other extra costs tugged with the original cost of manufacturing of the jewellery.

Karats: One should always ensure the exact karat and their meaning before buying the jewellery. 24 karat never denotes the absolute purity, but has its alloys like copper etc mixed with gold as gold can’t be ever molded into a jewel piece alone due to its over softness of dilute nature. Same story goes with platinum as platinum is also market .925 etc which denotes that platinum purity and availability in the product is around 92-95% and thus the product should be priced accordingly.

Policies to read: When any costly transactions take place where a warranty or guarantee card comes along with the product, all terms and conditions should be read and one must pay attention to return and refund policy before buying any jewellery.

Manufacturing: one should also make sure whether the jewel gemstone is laboratory created and manufactured or natural.

Make sure to take the receipt after buying.

If the jewellery has gemstones studded in it then always ask for gemological laboratory report.

Pearl and beaded jewellery should always be re-stringed after every two years.

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