The Health benefits of wearing jewellery

The Health benefits of wearing jewelleryThe word “jewellery” represents the glamorous world of glittering metals, sparkling jewels and eye-catching designs. These are the synonyms for higher status, prosperity and good fortune. In global scenario, jewellery is being used to either ornament an individual’s beauty or to invest money for future purpose. But did you know jewellery has health benefits too. Interestingly, health benefits of jewellery did not receive proper attention from experts, though these are described in the literatures of ancient civilization including India and China.

Each jewellery article is important. It is believed that every precious metal stands for one of five elements – Jal (water), Thal (Sand), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire) and Akash (space). When you wear the jewellery, it begins to affect your physical aura silently without coming in your knowledge. Similarly, every stone represents a unique planet and eliminates all malefic side effects of that planet as per astrology.

Jewellery metal stimulates blood circulation. If we consider Ayurveda, metals induce different effects on our body without coming in our knowledge. Gold and silver are two examples of such metals. These metals regulate life energy and blood circulation to keep you fit & fine.

It protects from bacteria. Many do not know that silver is used to kill bacteria in large water tanks as well as in medicinal ointments. Silver weakens bonding in the molecular structure of virus proteins. This fact is supported by modern medical science thus we have a list of such medicines having silver as antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral ingredients.

It improves immune system. Gold is the safest metal to consume in food, meanwhile it has medicinal properties. Swarn Bhasm (gold ash) and Yashad Bhasm (silver ash) are well familiar for their Ayurvedic uses in India. Both of these are consumed in food, Ayurvedic medicines to improve immunization power of the body.

It excretes excess energy. According to Reiki healers, every organic organism survives using life force or pran urja which is an electro-magnetic force. In Hindus, women are instructed to wear silver toe rings in toes and gold jewellery on head to harmonize human body energy with natural energy.

Besides these, doctors recommend to drink water contained in silver or copper utensils. This water is believed to be anti-micro bacterial and it cures digestion problems.

Sometimes you see green patches on the skin due to wearing silver jewellery. This shows that skin is absorbing silver metal. It is a common phenomenon in the summer. This helps to fight against virus occurred because of surrounding environment.

In other words, we can say that wearing jewellery has multiple benefits including good health. So if you want to enjoy an energetic and content life, wear jewellery. This imparts a natural aura to your persona and makes you more beautiful and healthy.

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