The 63rd Cannes International Film Festival 2010 Is Taking Place At Cannes

The 63rd Cannes International Film Festival 2010 Is Taking Place At Cannes

The 63rd Cannes International Film Festival 2010 Is Taking Place At Cannes

A rocking time to rock and roll again! The Cannes Film Festival is one of the oldest, esteemed and most honored film festivals. It was established for the first time in the year 1946.

The Cannes International Film Festival is the global meeting place for professionals in the communications industry in the world. This film festival is conducted every year usually in the month of May, in the resort town of Cannes in the south of France, Palais des Festivals.

Moreover, it also volunteers seven days of award ceremonies, seminars, workshops, master classes, exhibitions, screenings and networking. This year in 2010, the 63rd edition of this international film festival is scheduled to take place from 12th May to 23rd May 2010.

It comprises of the films sorted and shielded in & out of the competition during this festival. The receiver of the Palme d’Or award is selected by the festival’s jury members who critique the films screened in the competition.

The President of the jury for this international film festival award ceremony would be the American Film Director Tim Burton and other part of the jury would involve actors, screenwriters and composers.

Other categories for films screened in competition that have their own separate juries for other awards such as Short Films Awards and Uncertain Regard category. ‘The movie ‘Robin Hood’ by Ridley Scott will be opening film of the festival and Julie Bertuccelli’s ‘The Tree’ will be closing film.

This prestigious day carries a history behind the celebration and honor. The whole line up of the films for this international film festival was announced on April 15th, 2010.

The history says that in the end of 1930’s when the selection of films was needed to be done there was interference of the fascist governments of Italy and Germany and so the French Minister of National Education decided to induce an international cinematographic festival in France on the support of British & Americans.

Then it was agreed that the first film festival will take place from September 1st to 30th in 1939, but the declaration of war against Germany by France and the United Kingdom on 3 September, ended the first edition of the festival before it started. In the year 1946, after the World War II this international film festival was relaunched and had considerable success.

It was publicly announced that this film festival would be conducted every year with a secret agreement that took place between both nations that they will celebrate their international festivals in alternating years.

But in the year 1948 or 1950 due to the budgetary or financial problems, there was no film festival taken place. Since then every year, this international film festival is being celebrated with huge pomp and show.

Every year slight good changes in the theme of this Film Festival, has made it a burning event all over the world today. The Cannes Film Festival has become a significant platform for European Films as it propose an opportunity to ascertain the image of a country in the terms of its cinema and believe that that European cinema is “ART” cinema.

In addition to it, this grand film festival is the centre of massive media exposures, a desired destination for film producers to launch their new films to sell their works into appreciating hands who are invited from all over the globe. History always keeps itself repeating!!

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