The 4 C’s of Platinum Vs. White Gold & Why Does It Matter

platinum-jewelryWhile white gold is the new vogue among trendsetters, people can be seen asking the most common question, what are the differences between white gold and platinum? And which is the better. If you are expecting to face the same question, this post is for you.

As we know, white gold is not pure gold but an alloy metal of gold mixed with other metals including chromium, nickel, silver and other metals. These metals are alloyed with gold to change its colour from yellow to white, pink, rose or any other in which you want to beautify your aura. First of all, we will have to learn the basics of two distinct metals in order to distinguish them.

Colour & Shine: White gold appears in silvery white colour depending on the percentage of mixed alloys. On the other hand, platinum features natural grayish white colour. If white gold has not rhodium plating, it looks dull white, platinum shows metallic lustre. It is also advised that you should not mist both metals in a bridal set because of their difference colour and appearances.

Cost: White gold is preferred due to its inexpensive prices. Platinum is rarer and mined much less than gold so it is more costly. It might be double up for the same jewellery design if you choose platinum instead white gold to materialize your jewellery design.

Composition: Platinum is used in its purest form i.e. 99.5% pure metal, whereas white gold is 58.3 percent and 75 percent pure gold in 14k and 18k white gold respectively. This makes white gold less valuable in comparison of platinum or traditional gold, thus people should not invest in white gold to earn a good return. Besides this, white gold causes allergy in individuals due to the presence of nickel and other metal, platinum is hypoallergenic proving itself a better choice for all.

Cultural Values: The word “Gold” is deeply rooted in our culture. It symbolizes wealth, wisdom, divinity and higher consciousness, be it is our “Golden Rule” or “Golden words” or King Midas’ “Golden Touch”. Platinum is the new emerging symbol of all these values however it has not replaced yellow metal thus gold is favoured by all.

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