Tashan Launched Colored Enamel Silver Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery For Woman

Colored Enamel .925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Colored Enamel .925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Enamel jewellery is a very old process that is now coming back and tremendously popular among people. It’s an ancient craft and was popular in a very strong way in ancient times used by Egyptians for decorating the articles. Later became a status symbol for Greek empire to embellish beauty by creating enamel jewellery pieces and then Roman Empire followed the trend.

Enameling (finely grounded glass) is an interesting process of jewellery making; these colored glassy materials are heated at about 800 degree Celsius and fused onto the surface of objects like metal, silver, sterling silver etc. Historically the technique was performed in Cyprus 3500 years ago and applied to glassware or pottery.

Enamel jewellery is also known as meenakari jewellery which is mostly used in India. Today enameling has emerged, a special glossy paint is used specially for jewellery items comes in hundreds of different colors. That can be used to create multicolored jewellery items. These jewellery pieces comes with glossy finish, a wonderful jewellery pattern that is not only eye catchy but also very durable and reliable.

Mostly enamel jewellery appears as pendants, ring, earrings and many more; enamel silver jewellery is also seems very popular these days. A designer ring crafted with red enamel in .925 sterling silver with amethyst and white cubic zircon is a perfect example of enamel jewellery. Apart from that there is infinite range of enamel rings available in the market like Opaque Turquoise Enamel and sterling silver with white cubic zircon in triangle shape is an artistic combination. A floral shaped ring with blue topaz & white cubic zircon in green colored enamel ring itself speaks its uniqueness.

Sterling square shape silver ring embedded in Turquoise Enamel with blue topaz and blue cubic zircon, round shape ring crafted with amethyst and white cubic zircon in perfect color combination of Purple & Golden Enamel add style to your dress and personality, few more varieties of colors such as green enamel silver ring, blue Enamel ring, Pink Enamel ring, Golden Enamel rings are enough to take your heart away.

Similarly if we discuss about the collection of enamel silver pendants, the butterfly shaped red enamel with white cubic zircon pendant will surely end your search, With the combination of smoky topaz and white cubic zircon in Green Enamel on Leaf & Golden color on neck is a designer piece which is rare to find. Marquise shape rhodolite & amethyst in pears shape with a touch of .925 sterling silver in different colors like green Enamel, opaque Turquoise Enamel, turquoise Enamel, blue Enamel, golden Enamel , pink Enamel are the gorgeous pendants that can express your feelings when gifted to your loved ones or for yourself.

Many of these pieces whether rings or pendants have their matching earrings to make you feel a complete women. Most of them are made by keeping in mind for all age people and for all kind of occasions.

These are the lovely presents from Tashan Jewellery to enhance your beauty and style with a reasonable price. To feel the journey of beauty and style, just give your few minutes and have a look at our exciting offers and designer pieces. We assure you that this attractive combined range of sterling silver and enamel jewellery will definitely drive you crazy!

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