Take your bling to the next level with beautiful micro pave earrings!

A brilliantly crafted accessory can add visual interest to the viewers and can add sparkles to the wearer. And we believe at this stage of technology and machinery, Jewelry industry has also transformed into a whole new world in terms of designs, craftsmanship and quality. It is no more a rocket-science for jewelers to create an incredible piece that can speak thousand words. Micro Pave setting is also a well-advance process of jewelry making. It refers to the technique of setting small diamonds or colored stones in a specific design over the entire surface of a jewelry piece. Fancy stones are being used to set densely together with very small beads arranged in perfect rows. It is a meticulous process which is undertaken by extremely skilled craftsmen and jewellery designers using high magnification and specialized tools. Leon Mege, from United States, was the one of the first jewelers who introduced micro pave setting to jewellery industry.



Today, the style is among the hottest trends in fashion industry. And we must say micro pave earrings are a well-deserved treat for your ears and not to mention your entire look. If you really want to steal the thunder, than go with pave earrings which has been topping the charts of popularity. Take a look at Johareez.com for stunning micro pave earring and shop to your heart’s content, knowing that you’re getting awesome styles at amazing prices. You will also adore the collection of gold plated round and other shaped copper earrings that are finely designed in American diamond and set in micro pave setting. There are various designs and shapes like star, musical note, umbrella, tortoise, oval, round and more that you can add to spice up your look from home, office to party.



The best part of this type earring is that you really don’t need a reason or any occasion to wear them. You can wear them with most of your outfit, traditional to modern. They are durable and fine in quality that you can show off them daily. High-fashion fashionistas will love this type of earrings that are priced affordably for those looking for earrings for fancy events. Few things you need to take care about the type of earrings like, remove your earrings before you going to bath, keep them in fine jewellery boxes, don’t spray deodorant or perfumes into them, etc. They are some must-follow rules with every type jewelry that if you want to keep their sheen for long.



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