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Tungsten rings: An embodiment of simple luxury!

Three important things that we generally look out in any jewelry are – strength, style and status. We think jewellery should be durable that lasts for long without losing its shine, should be stylish that keeps us updated with fashion and should be higher in class, because we understand everyone likes to flaunt their gorgeous…

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Sofia Vergara diamond wedding band made us go awww

Sofia Vergara, 43 has tied the knot with Joe Manganiello, 38. They got hitched on Nov. 22 in the most sumptuous wedding ever. And, Sofia’s diamond-studded wedding band really grabbed our attention. Besides from the lavish nuptials, Sofia’s wedding ring was the matter of talk. We expected nothing short of overwhelming from the actress. The…

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Engage Your Pure Love With Stainless Steel Bands That Last A Lifetime!

We all know jewelry is an integral part of both man and woman’s life but the latter are probably more fascinated towards the world of jewelry. She enhances her ethereal beauty wearing the precious metals and gems and wants that whatever jewel she buys should last forever. If you are also looking for a strong,…

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Wedding Band: How much should one invest on them?

The reason why wedding ring goes on the left finger is because it is the only finger with a vein that connects to the heart. This proves that the wedding ring is surely considered quite significant for the union of two souls. But what comes to everyone’s notice is that the couple invests too much…

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An Alpha Man’s Guide To Ornament His Look

Jewellery – a term that is deeply connected with feminine beauty is no more untouchable for masculine gender. Globalization has been affecting every walk of life changing traditional definitions and believes. Now jewellery has become a common accessory to adore mankind regardless the gender of the wearer, though men and women love to wear different…

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