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Add old-world charm to your persona with vintage jewellery!

Despite belonging from the modern era, most couples prefer to have old-school romance, where you love exchanging these regular gifts with your partner, go for evening walks, and do something nice to each other. Not only old-school romance, but even old-school fashion has its own significance. Those un-fussy and un-fancy clothing, never really fail to…

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Know all about tempting ethnic style Bollywood actresses donned with total panache!

No matter how speedily we are moving to civilization and modernization, Indian beauties cannot stay away too long from getting into ethnic style, be it in their fashion or jewellery. We have spotted some of popular Bollywood divas who donned ethnic wear and accessories in the recent times that totally mesmerized us and raised our…

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Celebrate any occasion wearing vintage jewellery and bring on the classy look!

Whenever we hear Vintage jewellery, something classy and imperial pops out from our mind and we begin admiring the trend which is so pleasing and extra ordinary. We just love the sense of history they convey. In fact, vintage jewellery is said to be something that every diva have to keep in her jewellery wardrobe…

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How to jazz up your style with bold and oversized rings!

We know how obsessed you are for statements accessories and how keenly you update yourself with different ways to get into the style. Why not girls, after all this style statement is a great conversation starter, attention seeker and personality enhancer. From oversized necklaces to earrings, bangles to bracelets or rings, the trend has been…

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Vintage Costume Jewellery Is Back in Vogue: Revamp Your Closet!

Fashion trends which were rage in old era are making a comeback again. You have already seen the same in clothing as crop tops, oversized shorts and flares are very much in vogue now, and the same we can say about jewellery as the grandmother’s old costume jewellery is back in style. So bring out…

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Interesting Facts about Estate Jewellery

Estate jewellery is considered as the antique jewellery or vintage jewellery. However this is not true, the term ‘estate jewellery’ is referred to that type of jewellery which has been previously owned by someone else. He might be a king, knight, historical personality or a celebrity. Moreover, the term is associated with respect, traditions, history…

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