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Invite good fortune with birthstone jewellery which is much in vogue nowdays!

In today’s world fashion-conscious world, won’t it be great if you could remain up-to-date with trends as well as welcome good luck and good fortune at the same time. That’s when birthstone jewellery enters into the picture. Through birthstone jewellery, the wearers get to reflect their personality, with a variety of fresh gemstones. If you…

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Silver Enamel Pendant: You really don’t need a reason to flaunt this all-time-favorite piece!

Pendants have a long history attached to them. It was the Victorian era which highlighted the trend and since it is a favorite jewelry item in market as well as among women. There’s rarely a woman who doesn’t have this piece of jewellery in her wardrobe. Be it small, big, plain or classy, we guess…

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Unleash your cool and chic personality with braided bracelets!

Despite our love for expensive jewelry, we can never cease to adore the inexpensive handmade jewelry which can be easily worn everyday and they lend this cool chic feel which every girl loves. Speaking of handmade, you must try braided bracelets which can be easily made and have it in them to glam up any…

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