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Wear bright colors with your bold accessories this summer!

You are free to wear any color in winter and spring but when it comes to summer you are not supposed to wear any random shade, be it in your clothes, accessories, handbags or footwear. There should be bright but less-vibrant colors to take place at every diva’s wardrobe, if being fresh and living healthy…

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All set for a beach holiday? Better know the beach jewellery trends!

February is the month of love and the loving couples out there must be busy planning their getaway destination where they can chill out with their partners. And if you haven’t thought of any yet, we’re sure your relationship is in big danger as your sweetheart would never let you have an easy life if…

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Embrace fun spring style with bold and beautiful statement necklaces!

We don’t need to elaborate what statement jewellery is, the bold and beautiful accessory was everywhere last season and are getting big and bigger than ever before for spring season. In fact it’s not only the weather that’s getting warmer, but it’s the accurate time to wrap up winter looks and embrace fun spring styles….

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