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When you crave for statement jewellery – Johareez delivers it to you!

Shakespeare said ‘what’s in a name’, but don’t you think sometimes only a name is enough to grab your attention? Isn’t it goes same when you hear Johareez? Yes, Johareez is one fortunate jewellery brand that has been leading with pride with a loyal customer chain and an acclaimed reputation in India’s leading online jewellery…

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Silverona sizzles with stunning cubic zirconia silver jewellery collection!

Indian jewellery is known all over the world for its high class finish and impeccable designs. The tradition of wearing jewellery date long back in history as early as mankind used to wear jewellery made up of stones and animal bones.   Then times changed and came an era which focused on metals like copper,…

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This monsoon add glitz and glamour in your life with Khubhee Silver Jewellery!

The sheen of silver is mesmerizing and when it comes to silver jewellery, there are many styles and trends that can be enjoyed and praised by women. Khubhee is a leading jewelry brand that offers exciting and fresh silver jewelry which includes rings, bangles, earrings and bracelets. You can find these stunning jewelries uniquely crafted…

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Icy-Blue Topaz Jewellery for the December-born

Rich and magnificent, the blue topaz gemstone is one of the most striking and admired gemstones today. These sheeny blue stones have arrested our eyes and encouraged our imaginations since ages. With colours ranging from light to bold, jewellery with topaz gemstone is believed to aid one’s attractiveness and temper. The beautiful hue- Topaz Blue…

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Chic Citrine Jewellery Shines!

Ever watched the sunset over the ocean on a scorching summer evening? Noticed that impressive orange shade that bounces around the clouds and touches your soul to keep you warm? Capture that sensation again with the deep orange colours of Citrine Jewellery. Citrine, the birthstone of November is flexible, durable gem ideal for citrine earrings,…

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Bollywood Actor Prashantt Guptha to Introduce Refined Range of Men Rings!

New York based Actor; Prashantt Guptha has teamed up with Johareez for a new jewellery range for men. The actor came into recognition after playing the anti-hero role in Issaq, Identity Card and 6-5=2. Touted as one of the largest online jewellery shopping destination in India, Johareez has now come with Prashantt Guptha’s latest rings…

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