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Khubhee silver jewellery to enhance glamorous look in your personality!

Silver jewellery is different from any other jewellery and has an appeal, which is sure to seek attention from all. The luster and shine of sterling silver is incomparable with any other metal and this is the reason it happens to be a trendsetter among jewellery lovers around the globe.   Khubhee is an exclusive…

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Let the shyness take a backseat confessing your feelings with the heart-shaped jewelry!

Women’s love for jewelry is eternal and that’s the reason that jewelry is considered apt gift for them. And when it is the matter of heart, what can be better than heart-shaped jewelry itself. You can easily give words to your emotions without speaking, by presenting her with this perfect gift in best design. And…

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Know about the types of engagement ring settings!

Speaking of engagement, the first thing that comes to a woman’s mind is ring. Yes, The Ring, which every girl grows up dreaming about. In their minds, they already know what cut and what size they want their ring in. All brides-to-be keep a tab on the celebrity engagement rings. While some want a classic…

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