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Online jewellery shopping has grown exponentially!

WWW has been a revolutionary transformation in information exchange, management and security. The next was obviously shopping which came with goods and services and is better known as E-commerce in is technical language. Online shopping is also known by web shopping, web store, e-shop, e-store and the process is called B to c (business to…

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Best online jewellery store for Christmas shopping in India!

Year 2016 is on the verge of its end, and we are getting ready to welcome another blissful year. As the beginning of a new year brings new hopes, aspirations and of course, new resolutions, similarly the year end also leaves us with memorable moments spent with our loved ones.   It is the time…

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Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring: A rock attaining popularity all over!

Precious stones like, diamond are loved by all. Jewelry lovers across the world love to dress up in the designs that make best use of these valuable stones and other gemstones, so that they can flaunt off their style in a perfect way.   These days the market is getting buzz with a rock attaining…

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