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Sparkle the look of september birthstone Sapphire!

Sapphire is the birthstone for all those who born in September. The word Sapphire is derived from Latin word Sapphirus, which means blue. In India it is highly believed that if some one put on a gem stone, then either it will mark him to utmost success or will take him on some disastrous path….

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Lead you life towards peace and prosperity by wearing September Birthstone Sapphire!

Bold and beautiful stone Sapphire is for the lucky ones who are born in month of September. It is vibrant blue in color and loaded with some ineluctable properties. You may have seen the gem in different hues, ranging from very pale blue to deep indigo that is because of the presence of small amount…

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Sapphire — The September Birthstone That Synonyms Good Fortune

The deep blue stunning jewel sapphire carries many interesting stories and myths surrounding its mystical blue aura. One of the most desirable gemstones, sapphire (also known as Neelam in Hindi) appears bright twinkling star amidst all gemstones. Its indigo appearance is sure to steal your heart once you decide to watch someone wearing the precious…

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