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Have a look if you are planning to invest in Gold- Facts and Figures!

Everyone is aware of the falling rates of gold in India. The gold prices are hovering around Rs. 26,000 per 10 gm, the lowest in over four months. The catalyst for the fall has been the recent easing of some import restrictions by the Reserve Bank of India. Also, traders anticipate a further fall in…

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India’s gold imports highly expected to see a high in 2014!

In all possibility, India’s gold imports are expected to bounce back in 2014. A decline was noticed last year; and this year well, the demand remains unyielding, despite an official clear out. The claim has been made by World Gold Council managing director (India) Somasundaram PR. It is anticipated that gold demand will continue to…

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RBI Imposes New Restrictions On Gold Loan: Will It Serve Purpose?

There is a bad news for individuals looking for higher amount of gold loan. If you are one of them, it’s time to reconsider your application for the same, especially if the expected loan amount is more than Rs. 5 lakh. In a bid to discourage demand for gold, the Reserve Bank of India announced…

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Timeline: Indian Government’s Efforts To Reduce Gold Imports

The glittering yellow metal gold is a new business magnet becoming the second most secure investment second to the real estate business. It can’t be said that gold would be honoured to play role of international currency in the next few years since it might be possible too in certain conditions like fall of the…

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