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Jewellery for women let the hold a special place in her heart forever!

Jewellery has been holding the centre place in the hearts of the people since ages. Jewellery is a mark of completion to the beauty of a woman by adding grace and charm to her gorgeous persona, whether it s a formal day or a special event like wedding, anniversary etc, be it an ordinary or…

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Know all about the history and ancient sayings regarding Ruby gemstone!

Classic ruby jewelry is getting popular these days and it can be seen everywhere. However not many know about ruby’s significance in ancient tradition and fable. It was perceived as one of the most splendid gems and esteemed all through the past in many cultures. It was called ratnaraj and ratnanayaka (leader of precious stones)…

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Precious Gemstones Trend: Which one will be your pick?

The days are past when diamonds were considered a woman’s best friend and this is rather the time when stylish precious gemstone jewelry is much in vogue. They are capable of instantly beautifying the metal in which they have been engraved, and are available in different hues. Having clear-cut charm, these precious gemstones look incredibly…

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