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Quick tips to organize your jewellery in smart and hassle free ways!

Let’s accept that we all have more pieces of jewellery than clothes and other stuffs. In fact, there is no end of buying new pieces. Each time we visit a new place or the same mall, we couldn’t stop ourself from purchasing one or two jewellery pieces. Yes, this leads us to face problems like,…

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Flaunt your statement jewellery like your favorite celebrity does!

They are stylish, they set the vogue and yes they inspire us when it comes to fashion and accessories. Celebrities are one best way to know what is current in trend and how can we carry the same in real life. We can get stupendous ideas from our favorite stars on how to balance a…

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Indian Government cut license fee for gold hallmarking by up to 87.5 per cent!

The prices of gold have seen constant decline off late and global reasons were blamed for the same. However, it seems the Indian government has taken it on them to improvise the situation. To start with, in order to boost the sale of pure gold, government went on to cut license fee for gold hallmarking…

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