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Precious white metal palladium & its extraordinary qualities!

Jewellery market is changing rapidly offering countless opportunities to new thoughts. Traditional precious metals gold and silver are losing their charm for jewellery purpose and have become an investment magnet instead wearing of jewellery. On the other hand, fancy gold and white gold are emerging as new competitors to the yellow and white metal; those…

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Crystal jewellery a perfect and must have accessory for today’s diva!

Crystal jewellery may be a new word for traditional and folks but the piece is favorite of today’s youngsters and fashions freaks. It is simply appealing and perfect to match with your attire for every occasion offering a wide range of choices. As the name describes, crystal jewellery is crafted using crystals rather than precious…

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Most trustworthy online jewellery stores in India to explore today!

Whether you are looking for a statement piece of jewellery or traditional jewellery , web is the one common place to find almost anything and everything. Forget, the traffic and roaming around for the perfect piece of jewel. We have round up the best online jewellery stores, just for you. Read on-   Johareez.com  …

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A perfect guide to buy silver, gold and platinum precious metals!

Jewellery is the best way to win one’s heart. It is the most popular approach to impress and amaze your loved ones or just to present that how wealthy and affluent you are. It also represents one’s prosperity and good taste. Although there are few who exactly have deep routed knowledge regarding precious metals but…

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Best jewellery gift ideas to impress your Valentine!

“Without Valentine’s Day, February would be… well, January” The wise words said by Jim Gaffigan are perfect to describe valentine day’s significance in modern life. But the auspicious day has a dilemma for youths who want to wish their valentines with jewellery gifts. Here we prepared a list of top jewellery gifts you should present…

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