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Hot silver & gold jewellery trends in this winter season!

Jewellery, gems and diamonds are the world every one dreams and drools about. The existence and origin of jewellery of has been predated fashion. Be it demonstrating status or defining one’s social rank or about flaunting one’s pride or defining one’s style, jewellery has always done it. Whereas the early existence of jewellery comes from…

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Enamelour – fill colors in your life with enamel jewellery!

Be stylish and look vibrant is the latest mantra of youngsters, who like to play with colors. Be it with their clothing, hair styling, shoes or accessories, they adore being a part of latest fashion and trendy colors. Here we tell you a brand that enjoys keeping the generation up as far as style and…

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Wear the current fashion trend and be bold wearing Marcasite jewellery!

There are three R’s-Red Carpet, Runway and Real Life that generate jewellery trends. You should feel blessed that even your style also counts in the latest bandwagon of the jewellery and fashion industry. And as you all fashionistas are inclining towards the Marcasite jewellery, thanks to its brilliance and versatility as it goes beautifully with…

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Set your new style statement with fine brass jewellery!

Simply known as the alternative to gold, Brass jewellery has been surging in popularity recently. Thanks to its versatility for designs that range from delicate to chunky and vintage to contemporary. Going back in ancient times, the jewellery made of brass is the classic piece of jewellery. It is one of the earliest metals that…

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