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Citrine: November birthstone of hope, health & good luck!

Related to hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, fidelity and good luck, Citrine is the first choice of most astrologers whenever you ask them to heal your business, health and relationship. None other stone except citrine can do wonder to relieve the worst monetary and medical emergencies. Respected as the birthstone of November, citrine is also used…

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Mangalsutra: Pride of an Indian Woman Keeping Traditions Alive!

Mangalsutra, one of the first divine symbols of an Indian married woman. This medieval piece of jewellery continues to be the most precious and important piece of jewellery in India, even in the 21st century. This string of black beads is her most treasured adornment and a symbol of matrimony. By tradition, she must always…

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Sophisticated Diamoure jewelry for those who like to create their own style statement!

Beauty is in the heart and a woman’s heart always crave for jewelry. When everything fails to revamp her soul and mind, it is jewelry that comes as a great booster. Of course it works instantly and effortlessly. Do you know a single woman who hates jewellery? If talking about the general category jewellery always…

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Diamond: How to use them carefully without going wrong?

Diamonds being woman’s best friend is most common perception and men go beyond their pocket limits to impress the love of his life by presenting her the best diamond jewellery. However, often one tends to forget and we must keep in mind few things before placing an order for diamond jewellery, whether it is a…

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