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Wear earrings with style and set a sophisticated image for yourself at workplace!

When you wear good, you work good! This is a simple mantra one should follow when dressing up for workplace. Corporate industry is one of the choosiest one as far as dress code and accurate professional look is concerned. Be it men or women, formal outfits, decent accessories, tidy hairdo, right makeup are some must-to-follow…

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Rule the Fashion World with Jewellery by Johareez!

Looking beautiful and undoubtedly the best among all is what every female heart desires for, and their incredible beauty always stands to be incomplete without the perfect match of enticing jewellery. This very need of complementing one’s looks gives way to fashion creators to explore the world of jewellery.   Every second there happens to…

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Unique ways to wear pearl jewellery for oh-so glamorous look!

Adorable and eternally beautiful pearl has become every modern girl’s must-have accessory partner that she loves to keep in different patterns, exaggerated shapes and with edgy details. Thanks to the modernization in the making of pearl jewellery as now pearls are no more considered only for elegance and suaveness but counts in sultriness and statement-making…

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Fashion Trends: Pearl jewellery makes spectacular comeback!

“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queen.” Isn’t this the best way to put together the magic spelled by the pearls? This is one such gem which has eternal style associated with it. It exudes elegance, sophistication and every women dreams of treasuring the pearl jewellery, which comes with vintage…

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Trendy & easy ways to accessorize yourself for an evening date!

Choosing right jewellery for an evening date usually turns an improbable mission to achieve for many. The fear of going uneven and wobbly starts to give them nightmares. Well ladies, we understand your worries for that special meeting as it will reflect your inner self, thus we are here to help you. Believe us picking…

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