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Precious white metal palladium & its extraordinary qualities!

Jewellery market is changing rapidly offering countless opportunities to new thoughts. Traditional precious metals gold and silver are losing their charm for jewellery purpose and have become an investment magnet instead wearing of jewellery. On the other hand, fancy gold and white gold are emerging as new competitors to the yellow and white metal; those…

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A perfect guide to buy silver, gold and platinum precious metals!

Jewellery is the best way to win one’s heart. It is the most popular approach to impress and amaze your loved ones or just to present that how wealthy and affluent you are. It also represents one’s prosperity and good taste. Although there are few who exactly have deep routed knowledge regarding precious metals but…

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Reciprocate his love buying a trendy ring on this Valentine’s Day!

You keep checking your phone to receive a message from him. You wait till he’s home from the office to have dinner together. He brings a bunch of flower to impress you in the evening. He gives you company when found you over-loaded with work in kitchen. These might be small things, but you actually…

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A glimpse on White Metals – Platinum, Palladium, White Gold & Silver

The trend does not follow the same rules, it changes with the time making new rules to rule the world. Once the earth was filled with people wishing to own gold in its natural purest form, though now scenario has been changed. Now everybody wants to have some piece of precious metal from the group…

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