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October Birthstone Opal: Most glittery & tempting birthstone!

An opal contains all the colors of rainbow and glitters with the most tempting shine. The October birthstone has captivated its wearers since the earliest times. The most common feature of opal is that it is highly known for being luckiest and unluckiest. It is that gemstone which has the ability to project the wearer’s…

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Most trustworthy online jewellery stores in India to explore today!

Whether you are looking for a statement piece of jewellery or traditional jewellery , web is the one common place to find almost anything and everything. Forget, the traffic and roaming around for the perfect piece of jewel. We have round up the best online jewellery stores, just for you. Read on-   Johareez.com  …

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5 Exotic Filigree Jewellery Trends to Flaunt this Summer!

Beat the heat of this summer with some trendy and exotic filigree jewellery. The simple yet elegant designs of this stylish jewellery make you stand out of the crowd. The best part of filigree jewelry is that it looks fragile at the very first glance but in reality it is quite robust and durable. This…

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Smart tips for shopping silver jewellery online!

Buying silver jewellery online might be a tough task. Sometimes it appears as a nightmare, if you are either a newbie or you are dealing with a fraud site. However there are ways you can use to eliminate possible threats in purchasing of silver jewellery. The list is as follows. Find a source you can…

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Have your alluring side on display with becharming sterling silver jewellery!

In the world of fashion, trends are always changing. Apart from the classic styles, everything else varies from timely basis. At one season we see the magic of gold trending, next we may see fashion jewellery pieces ruling in. What’s in demand today may fade tomorrow, and it goes on and on. Whether in apparels,…

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Got a flare for fashion? Opt for evergreen elegant Diamond Earrings!

Trendy earrings are the basic need to jazz up any of your outfit. They make you look all the more luxurious and you garner eyeballs once you pair up an elegant earring with your classic apparel. So when talking about the earrings, you would all agree that sparkling diamond earrings make for simple and timeless…

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