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Brass Diamond Jewellery: Attain grace without spending much!

Everyone needs variety in every aspect of life whether it is work, daily life or say, fashion, didn’t this word just make you gleam? Well, that’s with every woman, isn’t it? Fashion in itself enough to excite us. But what must come to notice is that after a while routine becomes really boring, and same…

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Aria Jewels for the lustrous ladies!

‘Wow!! What a pretty necklace’ or OMG, how beautiful ring,’ are few of the most common reactions of females, when it comes to jewellery. Their love for jewellery is unconditional. Hardly matters whichever age-group they are in; they are big time jewellery lovers. And, here Aria Jewels turn out to be the talk of the…

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Bollywood Actor Prashantt Guptha Tie Up with Johareez

Published October 30, 2015 Fremont, CA: Prashantt Guptha, New York born Indian Ambassador of the Festival of Globe-Silicon Valley, continues to make strong strides as an actor in Bollywood. After a great run last two years with Issaq, the critically acclaimed Identity Card, a Kannada film and a few commercials, along with winning the Pride…

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Office Fashion: Find the style tips for appropriate jewellery!

Every women desire to be a style diva, and you would all agree that dreaming to be one is not a crime, after all fashion and lady goes synonymous. In fact we’re born with this formidable streak for fashion. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how trendy you are, still one fails to carry an office…

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Bollywood Actor Prashantt Guptha to Introduce Refined Range of Men Rings!

New York based Actor; Prashantt Guptha has teamed up with Johareez for a new jewellery range for men. The actor came into recognition after playing the anti-hero role in Issaq, Identity Card and 6-5=2. Touted as one of the largest online jewellery shopping destination in India, Johareez has now come with Prashantt Guptha’s latest rings…

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Reasons & advantages why you should do online jewellery shopping!

When it comes to online jewellery shopping most people consider it as an insecure idea in terms of quality, material, genuineness and reasonable price tags. However, the trend of e-shopping is growing rapidly and winning trust of thousand people every day. It is becoming an easy, time-saving, relevant and convenient way to get whatever you…

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