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Shilpa Shetty’s style mantra to wear mangalsutra as bracelet!

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is a sure shot trend setter when it comes to style and fashion. The lady is well known for her hour glass figure and she has inspired millions of girls all over the globe to envy her body and get in shape. Well, here we are talking about her latest style…

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Latest top five trends in Indian Bridal Jewellery

In India, a marriage is a celebration for all. It is a reason to show off your family values, traditions, heritage as well as your social status. Just look an Indian bride or groom, they are known to wear the most expensive bridal dresses for the occasion in the world. Definitely there dresses include heavy…

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Mangalsutra: Pride of an Indian Woman Keeping Traditions Alive!

Mangalsutra, one of the first divine symbols of an Indian married woman. This medieval piece of jewellery continues to be the most precious and important piece of jewellery in India, even in the 21st century. This string of black beads is her most treasured adornment and a symbol of matrimony. By tradition, she must always…

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Let your husband be hale and hearty forever- wear the precious jewel Mangalsutra!

As per the Hindu religion there are five signs of marital status of women. They are Toe rings, Kumkum, Bangles, Nose ring and Mangalsutra, which is the most important among them. It is said that the worthiest jewel any Hindu woman could have is a Mangalsutra. The word is derived from Sanskrit words- Mangal that…

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