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Silverona sizzles with stunning cubic zirconia silver jewellery collection!

Indian jewellery is known all over the world for its high class finish and impeccable designs. The tradition of wearing jewellery date long back in history as early as mankind used to wear jewellery made up of stones and animal bones.   Then times changed and came an era which focused on metals like copper,…

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Choose micro pave Jewellery for that glamorous and sparkly look!

It is no more a surprise if we say Micro Pave Jewellery has become a range among jewellery lovers. You know it very well that pave jewellery style has reached to a popularity level that could equal to any other type of jewellery technique. From young fashionistas to grown-up divas, everyone is getting attracted to…

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Want to know why Rajasthani Jewellery is so popular around the world?

Apart from historical destinations, heritage circles, delicious food and royal style of dressing, one the biggest state of India – Rajasthan is well known for its marvelous and beautiful jewellery. Though we are in the twentieth century and have introduced heavy technology and modernization in craftsmanship, the place is a jewellery hub for hand cutting…

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A Brief Note on The Process of Jewellery Making

When it comes to adorn the girls’ beauty, nothing can compete with jewellery accessories. Every jewellery article plays an immense role to glamourize your beauty be it is a ring, bangle, necklace or earrings. You can do various experiments with jewellery to suit your personality such as choosing combinations of different gemstones with two or…

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