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Show off your fabulous style through brass rings without spending too much!

Sure, gold is unbeatable and all-time-favorite metal. However, one cannot deny the growing popularity of others materials like copper, brass, tungsten, stainless steel and other inexpensive metals. Today, fashionistas are more inclined towards style no matter what the metal is. Fashion has become greater then quality of product and when jewellery brands guarantee the quality…

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Backward Necklace – Emerge as a style diva carrying out this unique style!

Style is about being unique, inspiring and full of surprises. Setting up new trends can do wonders to your personality and put you in the league of those fashionistas. An identity of true fashionista is that she never shies away from trying a new look and never ceases to win the onlookers’ appreciation with her…

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Delicate diamond jewellery: How to handle it with care?

Even though diamonds happens to be the hardest material on earth but despite that it does require the consistent care as they are not indestructible. The common saying goes that the diamond can only be cut and polished by another diamond, but you must know that just a hard blow is required to chip them…

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Redefine Fashion with Toe Rings: The Eternal Trend!

At some point of time toe rings were considered as an ornament for married women, but today even single girls love to flaunt them and it has become quite a trend. This piece of jewellery won’t only make your feet look awesomely cute but will also prove that trendsetter is your middle name. Now which…

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